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Blue Reef Case Study

Blue Reef Networks integrates a custom Baseline Roadmap that consistently adds business value for a large logistics company.

Blue Reef Networks


Headquartered in Plano, TX, this logistics company provides “truck away services” to many major automotive manufacturers, using leading-edge technology to deliver timely information and superior service to its prestigious clients. Having grown rapidly to more than 20 locations spanning a dozen states, they outgrew standard telecom services from a leading nationwide carrier.


“The CFO wanted an experienced managed service provider (MSP) who could bring all disparate IT services and billing into a single managed solution,” says Mike Dutcher, CEO of Dallas-based Blue Reef Networks. The goal was to bring all locations under a “standardized managed platform.”

The Blue Reef Baseline roadmap analyzes the business value and health of all IT services by identifying gaps that require a service modification, refresh, and or replacement based on the value it brings to the business. The roadmap includes current and future projects with estimated costs, ROI, and planned install timelines.

Their roadmap recommended project and program management services and co-management portals to maintain their services. It also provided a clear refresh path and cost reductions to fund future projects. IT support and Business finance worked with Blue Reef Networks experts to implement the new roadmap that optimized service Performance, Agility, and Redundancy into a single-managed solution.

Blue Reef Networks
Blue Reef Networks

Results (PAR)

Performance improved at all locations, some by more than 50%. The new self-funded all-in-one solution sets were pre-configured and installed across 20 sites as the Phase I single-edge appliance.

Agility improved by moving the service components to direct access platforms, with monthly and annual terms enabling the re-allocation of service dollars as the business requires.

Redundancy and backup plans are built into all services, dramatically improving the business application availability. Security is a multiservice configuration that manages malware, advanced firewalls, vulnerability, breach detection, and resolution services.

Success Roadmap (Service Integration)

Phase I - (Edge)
  • Router
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Cybersecurity
  • Malware
  • Vulnerability ID / Management
  • Breach Protection / Identification / Resolution
  • Server Appliance Redundancy / Cloud Back-Up / Recovery
  • Switch
  • VPN / Site to Site - Remote
  • Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Unified Communications
  • Business Phones
  • Primary / Back-Up Internet / SD-WAN
  • Analog / Fax Lines
Phase II – (Mobility)
  • Update, Maintain, and Manage Existing Rate Plans
  • Set Up Managed Mobility Platform
  • Device
  • Purchase / Financing / Programming
  • Remote Access Support
  • Kitting
  • Phones / Tablets / iPads / Laptops / Computers
Phase III – (Cloud)
  • Move servers to our Datacenter
  • Set up an appliance to back up existing servers
  • Servers are backed up to the cloud
  • Application contract incentives / renewals
Phase IV - Digital Transformation (Business Process Integration)
  • Connectivity and business optimization for any Device, App, Cloud


Utilizing a standardized self-funded Blue Reef Networks communication platform customized to add business value, the Platform is a high-performance, agile, redundant solution that can quickly be modified to meet business requirements.

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