Consulting, Managed IT & Equipment Procurement Services

Blue Reef Networks modernizes IT services into solution sets that improve performance, process, and data protection.

Our core competencies are consulting, managed services, and equipment procurement.

Blue Reef Networks


Our consulting collaboration approach starts with working with your existing service providers to baseline rates and with your managed service providers to review configurations. The approved updates can be quickly implemented through SOWs and change management approvals. The outcome results in monthly cost reductions that can be used to purchase budgeted services now versus later.

The final consulting step is identifying the service GAPS and the vendors implementing the newly funded services. The POC documents confirm the service will deliver the expected outcome at the expected price. Then the solution SOW goes through the review and approval process, and the refresh project is implemented.

Managed Services

Our managed services approach consolidates IT services into solution sets that are agile and integrated to be more effective and simpler to manage. Our expertise includes:

  • Edge Gateways
  • Unified Communications / Analog Services
  • Mobility
  • Data Integrity and Management
  • Managed Internet

Equipment / Service Procurement

Technology hardware is available in any form you want to purchase it. You can own it, lease it, or have us manage it as a service.

Option 1: Agent
Purchase equipment through our agent process. We are the sales expert agent who sells, maintains, and provides professional services for the hardware, and you make it work.

Option 2: Co-Manage
Includes option 1. We co-manage the service and handle escalations to resolve issues. We are responsible for the Proof of Concept and maintenance of the documented outcome. Professional services are available.

Option 3: Fully Manage
Includes options 1 and 2 along with professional services, service management, and modifications to keep the performance, process, and data protection optimized at all times.

The collaboration goal is to promote market rates, configurations, and solutions through your existing service providers and fill solution GAPS with our internal resources when existing service providers do not have the required core expertise.

We have three ways to purchase: As a sales agent, Co-manage or Fully manage. However, we often have combinations, mixing, and matching of all three options that can include integration, program, and project management.

Blue Reef Networks

Deploying Networks and Security

We deploy networks and security so you can run your business.

When it comes to networks and security infrastructure, we work with you and your business to deploy a scalable solution that can grow as your business grows.

brn cisco meraki_transparent_canv

We sell, deploy, and manage Cisco and Cisco Meraki networking products, under strict industry best practices for scalability and security, ensuring your business will not be stifled by inadequate infrastructure planning or operations.

With Cisco Meraki's certifications with CompTIA (Network+), Cisco Meraki (CMNA: Certified Meraki Networking Associate), and Cisco (CCNP: Cisco Certified Networking Professional), we can assist in building a solid core infrastructure for your organization.